Shisha Pangma (8013m) Mt Everest (8848m) Gasherbrum II (8035m) Hiddden Peak (8068m)

Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

2nd Summit: Shisha Pangma Central (8013m) May 10th,2013

I got the 2.nd chance : I summited Shisha Pangma together with clients of
AMICAL alpine 10 days later on May 10th again via the "normal" route.

Due to a rescue I had to stay several nights on the mountain above 7000m.
The result was a pulmonary edema and frostbite to my big toes. Both injuries
are not so bad - meanwhile I have been in a clinic in Kathmandu - but a non
O2 ascent of Everest will not be possible !

I am flying back home to my family, try to recover and set off for the two
Gasherbrums on June 8th.
Info`s and photos of our 2nd ascent of Shisha Pangma will follow.

Thomas - Kathmandu (Nepal)

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  1. Lieber Thomas,
    gute Besserung und schnelle Genesung,
    wünsche Dir alles Gute. Liebe Grüsse Thomas

    1. Hallo Thomas,
      FWler Martin Latzel grüßt Dich.