Shisha Pangma (8013m) Mt Everest (8848m) Gasherbrum II (8035m) Hiddden Peak (8068m)

Samstag, 27. April 2013

2nd acclimatisation round

Tomorrow we will start at 4.00 am , due to the heat, to Camp 1 (6350m). The
next day we will climb up to Camp 2 (7000m) and set up 5 tents. On 30/04 we
will try to stay over night at Camp2 and on 01/05 ski down to ABC. With
this trip our acclimatisation for Shisha Pangma will be finished.
The first summits are expected on April 30th. Alix, Luis and Rupert (of our
AMICAL group) will participate in this international summit push via the
Inaki route. Thumbs up !

In the moment there are high winds on summit level (see picture) . Low winds
are predicted for 30/04 and 01/05.


Friends and relatives who want to reach us, can send a text message to:
shisha ( pls only text , no photos or pictures)

Via the Globalfinder you can find out our actual position.

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